More Apps

More Apps

Here are some other apps that we've created. If you like Construction Cost Estimator, you'll probably like these other apps as well.

  • Construction Cost Estimator

    Construction Cost Estimator is designed to help contractors and rehabbers quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. You can save time and money by creating estimates on the spot and then emailing them as PDF reports.

  • Property Fixer

    Property Fixer is designed for investors who are flipping properties. You can change the holding period from 0 to 12 months and instantly see how this will affect your profit. This is a great tool for screening potential properties to find the best deals.

  • Property Tracker

    Property Tracker is a web-based app that helps investors track the performance of the properties they already own. Record your monthly income and expenses, and then instantly create a Schedule E for your taxes and a Schedule of Real Estate Owned for your loan applications. It also includes online document storage, a contacts and correspondence log, and interactive calendars.

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